Monday, November 30, 2009

The big 40

Today we celebrated my (matt) parent's 40th wedding anniversary.

We had a great time celebrating them and the legacy they have given us. We made a slide show and a memory book for them and they loved it.

Good job Mom & Dad!!!

We love you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving we want to thank all those who have been standing with us in prayer and financially supporting our ministry. It is so amazing to us that so many are so interested in Slovenia and what God is doing in and through us. You are such an encouragement to us and we thank God for all of you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9 months

Our little girl turned 9 months old on the 20th.

It is amazing how time flies by and especially as you have a visual reminder that is growing in developing before you everyday.
She is army crawling all around our living room here at the Bailey's house. We have had to baby proof our room as best as possible. Its crazy just how much we discover about our parenting as she learns to discover and explore her world.

Here is a quick video of her getting excited about her Diaper Duckie, which is a distraction technique my wife came up with as we change her diapers. Her response quacks me up. To view click here.

Here are some 9 month shots of our sweet little girl.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back in TN

We have been having a blast staying with our friends in Tennessee during this support raising trip.

Here's a glimpse into our time here:

On our first night here we visited Jenna's 242 group. This group of 7th grade girls had collected money from babysitting job, taking on extra chores, and dipping into their piggy banks to help support us. It was fun and humbling all at once.We had the young adults group at church scheduled Thursday night but nothing during the day... until Kelli (the Lukes friend) got involved. She picked us up in the morning and took us to a meeting she had planned with a pastor at a local church. Then on the way back suggested that we stop at another church in town to see if the pastor would support us. It was wild and so far outside are box but so fun. We had a great day with her and her husband.

Today we hung out with Zack and Paige. They have led mission trips from their church (here in TN) to Slovenia to work with Johnny and Brooke. We had a blast hanging out with them, hearing their stories and getting to know them better..and enjoyed some local cuisineThe sweet potato fries were to die for! (Have any of you ever eaten here before?)

The Lukes have a trampoline out back. Matt has enjoyed hours (and I do mean hours) playing with the kids. Got a fun shot of him with Eliana:Eliana was having fun - really she was :-)