Thursday, June 24, 2010

We all got baggage

Sharon and I have been doing a lot of pre-engagement and premarital counseling lately and we tell couples that everyone has baggage that they bring to the relationship. But the thing that will be important in any marriage is what you do with that baggage.

Well we had an opportunity to get rid of a lot of our literal baggage (not emotional) the other day. The Good Shepherd Slovenia team left and took a load of our stuff with them. They were not going to use all of their baggage allownaces for international travel so they gave us the opportunity to send some of our stuff with them.

Thanks so much SLO team! You Rock!

Prepare for take off

A few days ago Sharon and I got the green light from Josiah Venture to buy tickets to Slovenia!!
So we were able to get a smokin deal on a one way ticket to Europe (thanks Caroline Watts).

We leave from Seattle on July 21st. We will probably leave the Portland area on July 16th to go up to Seattle to be there for Sharon's mom's birthday and spend a few days with the inlaws before we make the big move.

We can't tell you how excited we are and how hard it will be to leave. Thanks for loving us and standing with us as we go to Slovenia to talk about how amazing and transformative the love of God is.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last week Sharon, Eliana, and I were at SOT (school of theology) in Sunriver. It was a good week of listening to some super bright guys as they talked about God, the Bible, and the church in some new ways. Well they were apparently very old ways, but the concepts were newer for me anyway.

Not only did we press into some serious theology every morning and evening but we had some time to play.

Eliana got to go swimming.

I got to play with Jason on the tandem he rented. (notice the air under those tires)