Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

He's always been an amazing guy.
hardworking . . . lighthearted . . . daring . . . thoughtful . . . insightful . . .deep  

When these two bundles of joy came into our lives, 
I saw Matt's qualities deepen, becoming even more rich and profound.

He He. . .the next two pictures still make me laugh.

Matt, you are a wonderful dad.
 I love seeing the delight in your eyes when you play with the girls.
And I love watching them light up when they see you walk into a room.

Happy Father's Day from your three biggest fans!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have kind of a love/hate relationship with airports.  For every "hello" there is a "goodbye." 

The following is something our friend wrote when she was waiting with us in the airport before we went through security at PDX:

Some coming...
Some going...
All feeling...

TSA provides the pat downs
But cannot touch
That part of you...

That piece where you separate
The body, the actions
From the emotions

A life divided
Between what is ahead
And what you leave behind

How do you carry both?

This is the real baggage carried
In an airport terminal...

But it is forever worth the weight.

Pretty deep huh?  
I love it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This morning at breakfast . . .

Me: Wow - look at Maia.  She is so close to learning how to crawl.  She sure is getting bigger.

Eliana:  She get-tin bigger!

Me: Yup

Eliana: Mama get-tin bigger

Me: (pause)  Um . . . I hope not

Eliana: Daddy get-tin bigger

Matt (chuckling from the back rom):   Yup


There are six interns joining the JV Slovenia team for the summer. 
(This is more interns that usual.)
They spent last week in Czech training with all the other JV interns.  

This week they begin working in villages all over Slovenia.
Tuesday they joined us for our monthly staff meeting.  
Hmmm . . . how did we end up with so many interns? 
Not sure.  

But I do know that we have six interns . . . 

and six babies on our team.  


New Tricks

Last week Terry and I had the opportunity to go around our wonderful city and take some photos for a scavenger hunt(ish) game that will be used at an upcoming training time for the summer teams that come to help with camps.  Before I met up with him at one of the squares I texted him and asked if he wanted me to bring an extra longboard.  He said sure.  I gotta give it to him - he did a great job learning to board as we rolled around the city - and some of that was on cobblestone!!

Terry, I am glad you ain't an old dog.

Date Night

Aahh. . .
             . . . I remember the days . . .
                 . . . the days when "date night" meant getting dressed up
                      . . .  and going out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

These days it usually means trying out a fun new recipe at home - like homemade pizza (my new fave).

But you know what?  
The fact that these two smiling faces
are sitting at our dining room table 
makes my heart feel very full and happy.

I know the day will come 
when I will miss having a pink Bumbo and sippy cups at our table.  
So for now, I treasure date nights like this.

Copy Cat

I think these photos speak for themselves.

(And yes, that is the little pink potty in the background.  I'm happy to report that potty training has been going very well.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Practice Week 2

I got to go to longboard practice last Wednesday.  It was good, we worked on our slides for 4 hours and just hung out. BUT I crashed a lot and have been so sore this week.  No pain, no... sorry my finger just cramped up.  Anyway, it is a great group of people and they are super welcoming too.

I hope to go to their camping trip they have set up for August.  Basically they close down a mountain road near the Croatian border and downhill for a week.  Can't wait.  Hopefully I'll still be alive in August.