Sunday, July 31, 2011

That's my girl!

Maia was done with her meal . . . but still seemed hungry.

So I gave her some of my toast.

Toast with Vegemite that is.

And.  She.  Loved.  It!

She licked off every last bit of Vegemite before gumming the rest to a soggy mess.

Yeah . . . that's my girl!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doll House

Last week our neighbors got new doors and windows installed in their house.  
This was the view from our girls' bedroom window.

It looks like one giant doll house!

Keeping the kids busy

During summer team training I had some time when I needed to keep the kids busy. 
(That's me with my back to the camera, right before the kids started getting restless.)

So, I took them to a back corner and had some fun with the camera.
Oh how I love these little faces!



I came out to the living room and found her "reading" this book.

Check out the title.