Monday, November 26, 2007

This is my man . . . and I am so thankful for him!

Not only is he an amazing cook, (boy did I get lucky!), he is an amazing friend!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Surveys with a Father

This last Tuesday we had the honor of going to the dorms and do surveys with Father Šulčius, who is the chaplain for KTU. We have wanted to partner with the Catholic ministry for a awhile, so it was fun to get to partner in this way. I (matt) was interested to see how students would respond to a priest knocking on their door, since they are shocked enough that we come to their rooms to talk to them about God. Students were a bit surprised at first and some even tried to frantically clean their room, but Father did a great job at relating to students and putting them at ease since he is very fun and easy going.

We were so excited because we want the Catholic ministries here in Kaunas to see that evangelism works. We have told them how we go to where students are at and tell them about Jesus but they have been cautious because it is so bold, and quite honestly scary. But I must say that Father eagerly jumped right in and did a great job!

If the churches in Kaunas (Catholic and Protestant) become active in evangelism then we have worked ourselves out of a job and thats our hope.

Please pray that we would continue to partner with the Christians of Kaunas to tell everyone about our amazing God who loves them so much.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A "Goodbye" that is not forever

Anyone who knows me (Sharon) knows that I hate saying "goodbye." In fact, it is more likely that you will hear me say "see you later" than "goodbye." So, last Thursday, with a big lump in my throat, I waved "See you later" to our wonderful friends Peter and Jen at the Vilnius airport. In true Morrow fashion, I waited and watched at the security checkpoint until I could see them no longer, and then gave a final wave just before they rounded the last corner. The five of us who remained ate a delicious lunch at Dublinar; then we drove back to Kaunas. The drive home was pretty quiet - I think I might have slept through a good part of it.

I felt a wistful sadness (that's what happens when people get in your heart). . .
. . . but no despair (I'll see them again in just a few months).

Matt and I spent a quiet evening at our flat that night. Later I skyped with my sister Lynn. . .and learned that my 95 year old Aunt Mary had passed away just a few hours earlier. (Aunt Mary was my grandpa's twin sister. Growing up, all my grandparents lived either out of state or in Australia. Aunt Mary lived across the street, so she was very much like a grandma to me.)

I was again struck with a deep wistful sadness . . . but no despair!

You see, my Aunt Mary knew Jesus as her Savior and loved Him as her Very Best Friend! For those who follow Jesus, this is not a "goodbye," it is simply a "see you later." We will meet again in Heaven one day - I can not fully express how much peace and hope that gives me!

Later, Matt asked me how I was doing, knowing that my day had been filled with a lot of loss. I smiled and said, "Well, I feel like there is a big party going on right now in Heaven that we are missing out on, (kinda like what we felt last Christmas when we were away from our families). Aunt Mary no longer feels pain, and she is hanging out with my Grandpa and Grandma and so many of her friends. I wish I could be at the party; I wish I could see the expression on Aunt Mary's face as she recognizes her friends and family. I wish I could hear what Jesus is saying to her - to this wonderful lady who always worked her fingers to the bone to help and serve and give to others. Aunt Mary always did like parties - I just wish I could watch her at this one.

I guess I'm glad that this is not a goodbye. . .it is just another "see you later."

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night was one of those happy/sad kinda nights.

We had a good bye party for Peter & Jen (they leave Thursday).

So, it was happy. . .
. . . fun games, happy memories, tasty food, so many people

and it was sad. . .
. . . cuz we're really going to miss them!

I (Sharon) keep telling myself, "Just enjoy them while they are here - you can feel sad later."


So yesterday was a day of S's.
First it was Sunday and it Snowed, I also gave a Sermon, but in the end we were Sad

It started out as a great morning. We woke up to a light covering of snow on the ground and it was a brisk beautiful day. Sharon and I got ready for church as normal, but we were especially excited that morning because our good friends Nerijus and Vaida were coming to church with us for the first time to hear me (matt) preach. The service went well and I had a great time talking about the importance of obeying God. Not in a "The Bible says to!!" kinda way, but instead as following the One who loves us and wants the best for us, be it easy or hard. Our friends found it to be fascinating I think.

Then later that day we had a good-bye party for our team mates Peter and Jen. We had Agape students, and friends from church, as well as the Agape staff from Vilnius come to bid our "see ya later." We had fun celebrating good friends who did a great job here in LT. It was sad but we are excited for what God has for them next.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Oct. 31 '07. . .Halloween. . .Agape Night

Our topic: death (not an easy topic in a country with such a high suicide rate)

Since it was going to be such a difficult topic, we decided to mix in a little of good ol' fashioned American fun and had people wear costumes. (See below for some photos.)

Questions included: What do you think will happen after you die?
Have you every had anyone close to you die?
How does what you believe about death affect how you live?

To be honest, the atmosphere in the room was a bit nervous and awkward as we discussed this difficult topic - most of the people in the room had lost at least one friend or family member in a tragic way. But as hard as it was to talk about death, it still opened the door for us to share WHY we do not fear death and where our HOPE comes from. It was a good reminder for each of us as well that this world isn't our home and that we do have HOPE!

Ok. . . now you gotta check out these photos. . .we did have fun!

Matt & Me

Peter the slick car salesman

Nerijus & Vaida looking quite sassy!

Couldn't decide on the best caption for this one. . .

. . .either "The gang's all here"

. . . or "Jen, what exactly are you doing?" :-)