Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's the day . . .

Today is day #12 of Matt being gone (he was on an intern recruiting trip for JV).  For two little girls who don't have a great sense of time, it can feel like daddy might never. come. home.  

Something I started this past summer was having the girls make paper chains on the first day that he is gone (camps, Kriz etc.)  On the inside of each ring is a number (how many days left until he comes back) and something we can pray for daddy on that day.  Here is where we started 12 days ago:

Well, today is an exciting day because Daddy is coming home!  Here they are now.  

(One of my favorite things about this photo is Eliana's tiara - she wanted to look extra pretty for daddy.)

Ok, gotta go make an airport run . . .