Sunday, February 07, 2010

Slick Dog

On Friday I took my lady out for a cost effective time on the town.
(AKA cheap date night)

We dropped off our little girl at my parents (Thanks Mom) and then headed to the highly acclaimed and yet locally owned Grocery Outlet store in Gresham.
I know what you're thinking to yourself right now.... He's good, real good.
And you're justified in that thought.
You see on the first Friday of the month our local bargain store has free wine tasting from 4-7. There were 19 wines to sample and 4 fabulous cheeses with of course, complimentary crackers. We prepared our bag-o-adjectives and hobnobbed as we enjoyed the bouquet of the bountiful reds, whites, and rose.
Sharon found a new favorite that was a rare vintage of White Zin from Coastal Vinters that boasted a whopping price tag of 2.99!
After pairing it with some smoked gouda, that date cost us around 5 dollars.

Here's my lovely bride basking in the experience.

See you there next month

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A special Thanks is in order

This last year Bob and Anita have graciously opened their home to Sharon, Eliana, and me.

It was early January 2009. We were living with Sharon's sister in Wilsonville and looking for a place of our own before we had our little girl. We had just looked at a single wide trailer in Boring for rent and by chance were going to Bob & Anita's for dinner. Upon hearing that we were looking for a place they offered for us to live with them. At that point in the conversation we reminded them that we were having a baby in February. We mentioned that we weren't crazy excited to have a crying baby in the house during sleep hours and were shocked they might be ok living with someone else's crying baby. They assured us they love kids and it wouldn't be a problem. Our jaws dropped.
So this last year has been a huge blessing for us as this beautiful couple has let us live with them in their beautiful house.

Bob & Anita,
Thanks for taking in and loving some missionaries. May God bless you for your sacrifice.

Here are some shots of them and their place