Monday, February 28, 2011

I didn't get the memo... again.

I (Matt) saw this reader board the other day and thought to myself... I didn't even know Jesus was in town recently.  My next thought was how come He didn't tell me, I would have loved to be there and worshiped Him with Him.

Later on in the day Sharon and I were going out for a date night and I told her about the reader board.  We laughed and then I told her its probably a good thing a punk like me is not in charge of a reader board, to which she laughed and whole heartedly agreed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some of you may know our visa was denied and so we are in the northwest right now visiting family and friends.  We are reapplying for a visa and praying the process will go quickly so we can be back in Slovenia as soon as possible.

People want to know what happened and why we were denied. Well the short answer is... Timing.
Their are many official time sensitive documents that are needed and once they are all in and accepted then your application is processed and a decision is made by the Slovenian government.  In our case we turned in everything that was needed over a year ago except for one piece of paper we needed from a church in Slovenia.  As we were waiting for that last piece, our FBI criminal background check expired. So we applied for another one, but they take 3-4 months to get back.  After 3 months I, Matt, received mine but they said Sharon's fingerprints were illegible.  So we resubmitted hers which took another 3 months.  Once we had everything we needed, the Slovene government wouldn't accept the documents.  Shortly after that we got word that our case was being closed due to inactivity.  UGH..
So we had to come back home to shut down our old case so that we can reapply.

Getting a temporary residency visa isn't the easiest process in the world and it seems that it has been extra difficult for us.
Though its great introducing Maia to family and friends, please pray that we can get back to Slovenia very soon.

My girls did great flying the 11+ hours.