Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Distracted

I'm trying to get caught up on paperwork right now. (Sharon)

This is the view from my desk.

Can you see why I'm feeling a little distracted?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Which  means wonderful... and yesterday was just that.

It all started as I had run some errands and then was sitting in the city square praying for people who walked by, for the city, and studying the language.
Then some people in peculiar red shirts, that would drive a bull crazy, started trickling into the square.  They set up camp and started singing and dancing!?!  I could see there T-shirts said "God is love" in Slovene and English so I figured I should introduce myself and see what they are about.

Turns out they are part of an international group of Catholics who study theology in Rome and then go do evangelism projects around Europe.  I told them who I am and what I am about and they asked me to join them.  So I teamed up with Natalia from Columbia and we started talking to people in the square about God's love and the hope we have in Jesus.  One would talk and ask questions and the other would pray.  Though no one was really responsive and often humored us, it was good.

I left from there to meet some young guys I met longboarding a few days ago.  They were meeting for "practice" and invited me to come.  On my way, I was avoiding a bicyclist and got caught on a tiny 2" curb. I recovered and then tripped and laid it out into full superman on the pavement in the middle of the bustling city.  I scraped myself up and sprung a few leaks (as grandpa used to say) on my hand and elbow.  Pride had left the building at that point as I got up and dusted myself off.  I laughed at myself, and bandaged my ego, and continued on.

We met at a bus stop where we met a few guys in their upper teens and low twenties and one ten (ish) year old girl showed up.  We caught a bus and rode to the edge of the city where some other people were waiting.  A group of us practiced our slides and turns.  Mihajel was our teacher and according to those there, one of the best longboarders in the country!  He was cool as he instructed this wide range of ages and abilities. Luckily I fashioned some homemade slide gloves the night before so I could learn how to toe and heel side slide yesterday.  It was so much fun and cool to start some new relationships and be included into a subculture just by having a longboard.  I think we are going to go ride today to.
Here are some guys practicing.

Yesterday was amazing!  I went to bed tired and with a smile on my face thanking God.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling settled

This sweet girl has done soooo much traveling over the past four months!  And I have to say that she has done really well - all things considered.  This shot was taken Sunday during our eight hour drive back from our Spring Conference.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first time that I've felt settled in one place long enough to begin 
. . . drum roll please . . . 
potty training!  Yesterday morning I took Eliana to the store to pick out some special snacks (salty snacks) and some fun juice.  So much of yesterday and today she spent her time like this:

You can't see it but she is sitting on her little pink potty.  Here's to hoping that this whole process goes quickly!

And finally, here is a photo of our little Maia Joi - such a ray of sunshine!!