Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling settled

This sweet girl has done soooo much traveling over the past four months!  And I have to say that she has done really well - all things considered.  This shot was taken Sunday during our eight hour drive back from our Spring Conference.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first time that I've felt settled in one place long enough to begin 
. . . drum roll please . . . 
potty training!  Yesterday morning I took Eliana to the store to pick out some special snacks (salty snacks) and some fun juice.  So much of yesterday and today she spent her time like this:

You can't see it but she is sitting on her little pink potty.  Here's to hoping that this whole process goes quickly!

And finally, here is a photo of our little Maia Joi - such a ray of sunshine!!


Polona said...

Heya, guys! :) I totally know what meand potty training, it's the same going on here in Ireland with our little boy!!! Good luck hihih Miss you and can't wait to sit down with you and share our experience in those past months <3

Amy Guerino said...

Love the picture of Eliana on the potty that you can't see. The main living area....YES! That will do the trick. Have fun. Miss you guys.