Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good

I (matt) got my visa on Friday in Washington DC, then flew back to Portland on Friday night.  We finished packing and left for Europe on Saturday then...

We arrived on Easter Sunday here in Slovenia!!!

We landed in Vienna, Austria and then made the 4 hour drive to Ljubljana.  Terry Jackson was gracious enough to pick us up on such an important holiday. (thanks chief).  We pulled in front of our apartment and waited for the students who were staying in our place while we were gone to bring our keys.  Mateja and Naja came running the 3 blocks from church and we heard screaming as they rounded the corner to our street. Sharon and I were greeted with excitement and hugs.  (thanks ladies, you made our day).  We started hauling the luggage to the 3rd floor and when Eliana saw our apartment again, she mustered up any energy that was left in her after 20 hours of travel and ran around her home giggling and playing as she was reacquainted with old toys and familiar surroundings.  Sharon and I walked around and found all the little notes and treats that students and our landlady had left for us.

One note in particular was hard to miss.


tcw said...

So great to be home! Miss you and love you. Glad you made it!

tcw said...

tcw is Tabitha by the way