Friday, April 22, 2011

The Eagle has landed! I repeat the Eagle has landed!

I got word yesterday that my visa had arrived in Washington DC. I got on the phone to a dear friend who had offered to use some air miles to get my tickets found a flight. It left in just over 2 hours though!! So I packed quickly and headed off. I arrived in DC just after midnight and got a little sleep before going to the Slovenian Embassy this morning.

My heart stopped as they kind woman who was helping me said, "You know you need two free pages in your passport, right?"

"Uh... nope, just thought I needed one."

But she made a call and they bent the rules and granted me a visa. Thank God, literally.

I fly back to Portland tonight and then we all fly to Europe tomorrow and arrive in Slovenia late on Sunday. A little Easter in the air. We'll praise the Father, through the Spirit, for Jesus' life and death on our behalf! And we'll be closer to heaven at 30,000 feet so He'll hear our prayers a little clearer. :)

The girls visas are still in process. So pray they'll come quicky and we can pick them up in Italy.


Christian said...

Great news!

Anna Beth said...

Oh GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! I'm SO glad! What a GREAT Easter gift!!!! AMEN!