Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bach-in it

Sharon has been looking forward to the Josiah Venture women's retreat for many months and yesterday she finally left.  Since we were not in Europe we didn't think she would have a chance to go. But a couple weeks ago we were praying about it again and about an hour later our supervisor called and told us to buy some tickets.  Our friends and colleagues in Slovenia were putting some money together to help pay for the cost of getting my wife to the conference.  What an astounding answer to prayer it was.

Then we had a wind storm on Sunday night and lost power from around 3pm until 7:20am.  I was impressed as Sharon packed in the dark and didn't get a shower the day she would be traveling a long way.  But Eliana and I dropped her and Maia off at the airport yesterday morning and off they went.

Eliana and I are having fun but she keeps reminding me that, "mommy will be back" in her emphatic 2 year old way (see below).  We were out and about yesterday and I realized why Sharon always has a change of clothes for the wee ones (pun intended).  Now Wikileaks has made a lot of news lately but this one was more of the Diaper kind than the infamous Wiki sort.

Today has been great as I have been able to multitask seamlessly both working on emails and playing Barbies at the same time.  But I am guessing Eliana won't look near as put together and cute this week with dad dressing her.  Her hygiene won't be at the same level she is used to and world just won't be as structured as other weeks.

Man I got a lot of respect for my wife and all you moms out there.



The Stephens said...

Not 5 minutes after reading your post out loud to Brian, we had a wikileak of our own!

Polona said...

What a lovely post! I miss you! i'll write you soon! Love from Ireland :)

Connie said...

That was such a precious and priceless video! SO SO glad Sharon and Maia could be with us for ladies retreat...thanks for holding down the fort at home so she could be with us! Praying for your visas and that you'll be back home in SLO soon!

Lori Jackson said...

Just saw this. Oh, my she is talking so much, and you too Matt. Thanks again Matt for making it work for your two other girls could be with us!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Not sure if you still have my email address but if you do can you please send me a quick email so I have your address as I can't find where I put it. We are off to Europe in September and were hoping to come and visit you in Slovenia if you are back there then. Glad to see you all look well,

Love Melissa Pols (Schafer)