Monday, November 05, 2007

Oct. 31 '07. . .Halloween. . .Agape Night

Our topic: death (not an easy topic in a country with such a high suicide rate)

Since it was going to be such a difficult topic, we decided to mix in a little of good ol' fashioned American fun and had people wear costumes. (See below for some photos.)

Questions included: What do you think will happen after you die?
Have you every had anyone close to you die?
How does what you believe about death affect how you live?

To be honest, the atmosphere in the room was a bit nervous and awkward as we discussed this difficult topic - most of the people in the room had lost at least one friend or family member in a tragic way. But as hard as it was to talk about death, it still opened the door for us to share WHY we do not fear death and where our HOPE comes from. It was a good reminder for each of us as well that this world isn't our home and that we do have HOPE!

Ok. . . now you gotta check out these photos. . .we did have fun!

Matt & Me

Peter the slick car salesman

Nerijus & Vaida looking quite sassy!

Couldn't decide on the best caption for this one. . .

. . .either "The gang's all here"

. . . or "Jen, what exactly are you doing?" :-)


Anonymous said...

So great!! Sharon you would look good as a blonde!And was jen like some robber or something??


evidentemente yo said...

HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Nice party... you remember my friend Dan? He went to a gothic pub that night, in Madrid... with all the make up and all that!!!:D

Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun... and I know that if never an issue for you.