Saturday, November 24, 2007

Surveys with a Father

This last Tuesday we had the honor of going to the dorms and do surveys with Father Šulčius, who is the chaplain for KTU. We have wanted to partner with the Catholic ministry for a awhile, so it was fun to get to partner in this way. I (matt) was interested to see how students would respond to a priest knocking on their door, since they are shocked enough that we come to their rooms to talk to them about God. Students were a bit surprised at first and some even tried to frantically clean their room, but Father did a great job at relating to students and putting them at ease since he is very fun and easy going.

We were so excited because we want the Catholic ministries here in Kaunas to see that evangelism works. We have told them how we go to where students are at and tell them about Jesus but they have been cautious because it is so bold, and quite honestly scary. But I must say that Father eagerly jumped right in and did a great job!

If the churches in Kaunas (Catholic and Protestant) become active in evangelism then we have worked ourselves out of a job and thats our hope.

Please pray that we would continue to partner with the Christians of Kaunas to tell everyone about our amazing God who loves them so much.

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