Friday, December 01, 2006

Curiosity and something about a cat

Here is a fun little story about life in Kaunas.

So, we moved into our apartment and a week or so after we moved in I was going through some of the manuals the owner had left for us concerning the heating system and other odds and ends. There was this little key chain looking thing with a button on it. No one told us what it was or what it was for, so naturally as any curious boy would do, I decided there was one way to figure what it was. Push it. As I did I heard a click in the utility closet. "Must work," I proudly thought to myself. I was also taking note of my keen sleuthing skills as I pushed the button again to hone in on the target. Yep, the clicking was definitely coming from this 1' x 2' white box on the wall. As I inspected the suspicious box, I told Sharon, "Huh? Kinda looks like a control panel for the security system." Just as I got out my screw driver to see if in fact it was such a panel, I heard our entrance speaker ring, notifying me that someone wanted me to buzz them in at the stairwell door so they can come visit us. I nonchalantly said hello and was met with frantic Lithuanian on the other end. I explained to the mystery person that I didn't speak Lithuanian. They usually don't bother after that but this guy was persistent. Sharon ran over to the window to see who it might be but couldn't tell from our angle on the 3rd story. As I was trying to figure out what he wanted, I heard a walky talky type noise and realized these guys were most likely security and that my deductions of that box were in fact correct. So I buzzed them in and within seconds I had some very serious and concerned armed men at my front door. Employing my logic up to this point, I showed the guard the keychain still in my hand and said, "This must set off the alarm," and though he didn't understand the words he agreed with my amazing ability to put two and two together. Next, we had to get our passports to prove to them we actually lived here, and after quite a fun little situation, all was well.

We learned two very important cultural lessons that day. First, our security system is indeed active and working . . . and second, I am smarter than the average bear.

Now my little key chain buddy has a new home in the utility closet hanging up where no one will mistake his purpose in life.


Carrie-Margaret said...

im sorry to say this.. but i laughed so hard on this post you had posted.. it would be something i think indeed be something i'd end up doing.. because im naturally curious at things that i don't know all about. hopefull that gadget will stay put away. i've been praying for y'all and hope y'all continue to do well. May God bless always! i'll comment again soon. as always in Jesus,

David Knepprath said...

Awesome story! Thanks for the laugh.

I am praying for you and the rest of the team in Lithuania daily. God Bless and I hope you have a great Christmas!

David Knepprath

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! I just went to coram deo this last weekend and they told me you had this thing! Love the house...and the urinal is great! but sharon...totally love the kitchen! and I really enjoyed the story about your new little gadget! Miss you guys, angie duke

kristin said...

oh, man ... that's awesome. keep the cultural faux pas coming ... they're the best way to build relationships with the locals. laughing at americans seems to be an international pasttime.