Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I learned a valuable lesson

One day a month, for all Agape workers, is designated as "A Day With The Lord." On this day we have the freedom to spend some time doing whatever it is that helps us connect to God. Many on our team read the Bible, pray, listen to worship music, or whatever. I (Matt) decided to go for a walk up to the reservoir. I heard it had frozen so I wanted to go enjoy God's creation and to walk around on the ice as I prayed. And lets be honest, walking on ice can only help in keeping one focused on prayer. So it was pretty cool, literally. There were fisherman ice fishing in the middle of the reservoir which is about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile across and about 2 miles long. After three or so hours I met Nerijus, a young Lithuanian kid looking for someone to play with. So I said hi and we began to play. It started with throwing ice chunks, then progressed to running and sliding on the ice, and then to riding his skateboard deck (no wheels) down the hill. We then progressed to bigger hills and he taught me the Lithuanian word for extreme.

At this point I was praising God for giving me a chance to play as I enjoyed His creation, He knows I love to play outside.

Anyway, after one run down the hill and a good wipeout on my part, Nerijus had a concerned look on his face and when I got to the top of the hill he pointed to my pants. As I looked down I realized that after that last wreck or maybe even my first wreck I had blown out the crotch on my jeans. This was not a small little insignificant barely noticeable kind of rip, nope it was huge and we both got a good long laugh out of it and we kept boarding. Needless to say the 20 minute bus ride home was spent with my legs together and my bag covering the right spots.
So please learn from my lesson and don't snowboard in jeans kids.

In the picture below those dots on the lake behind the tree are fishermen and yes the wet spot is a water crack because its a reservoir and the water levels change so there are some expansion and contraction points.


Melanie B. said...

I have enjoyed another chuckle with Matt's stories. I'm told by sister, Cindy, that is the norm. I've found your blog through Rakel's and we attend GSCC. My daughter is very good friends with Kailee. I think she must take after you. I can just see her doing those "extreme" snow moves right along with you. :-)

Praying for you. Melanie B.

Melissa said...

Ah Matt... I do love a good Mormance story. :-) Thanks for sharing and posting photos too! m