Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good times in the dorms

Sorry its been a month since I last posted, its been busy and we've been tired. So to catch you up to speed....

Well a week and a half ago we were in the dorms asking students questions again. It was 2 in the afternoon and it had already been a long a frustrating day. I was upset about something and dealing with some unexplainable anxiety and Sharon was too, in fact the whole team was having one of "those days." But that was the clue that something was going to happen! So with bad attitudes and a begrudging motives we went to knock on dorm room doors for 2 hours. The first and only door Sharon and I knocked on that day was a second year student named Mindaugas. We asked him about his studies and stuff and then jumped into the questions, which were...

1. What was your religious experience as a child?
2. How has that experience changed you as a person?
3. Do you believe God exists?
4. Who, in your opinion, is Jesus Christ?
5. If you could know God personally, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your desire to know God?

*Interesting note: Some students will say that they don't believe in God or aren't sure if he exists for question three, but assert that Jesus is the son of God for question four. Everyone knows the religious answer for who Jesus is but yet many students don't believe in God so the fact that He is God's son doesn't matter.

Back to the story: We got to the third question and asked if he believed in God. Mindaugas said that he wasn't sure, but was still deciding. He told us that there are pros and cons for both sides. We told him thats true and that our job isn't to convince him or prove to him that God exists, that's God's job. Sharon and I shared our stories of who Jesus is and how we met Him. Then I said, "Mindaugas, tonight before you go to sleep pray and ask God to show if He is real or not." I also mentioned to be ready though because if you come to the conclusion that God is real then you have to do something with that knowledge, you respond by giving your life to Him and thats no small thing!

We continued to talk for an hour and 45 min and he asked great questions, Jason even came and shared his story so that Mindaugas could see that Jesus meets different people in different ways and that Jesus would meet him in the way he needed. We left and gave him our contact info if he had more questions. Later that night we chatted on the internet for an hour and I reminded him to pray and ask God if He is real. Mindaugas replied with "no, not yet." I told him that I appreciated his honesty and consistency between logic and life.

Please pray that when it is the right time God reveals Himself to Mindaugas.

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