Friday, October 24, 2008

JV Orientation in Chicago

Our time in Chicago for JV Orientation was short, but so helpful! We stayed in this cute house with two other couples who were also there for orientation.

The owner of this place has graciously loaned the home to Josiah Venture to house all the various missionaries coming through town. Here are a few more pics of the inside of the place. I have to say that walking in the front door felt like "coming home."

Our room. . . so cute!

Then each day we would head in for training at the JV office. Here's a photo of the three guys trying to all fit into the back of Gord's minivan on the way to the office.

Once at the office Gord, Theresa and Sarah took us through our training, answered all our questions, and took great care of us. I have to say that not once during our whole time in Chicago were we ever hungry! They even took us out for Chicago style pizza on our last night there.

I think what impacted us the most during our time in Chicago was getting to experience the heart of JV as these three shared their not just their time, but their lives as well. What a treat it was to see our friends Brad & Laurel Jenkins (from Multnomah) and to get to know Jamey & Meredith Hutton. We can't wait to see all these guys again!


christinastanton said...

So fun to see your pictures!!!! In our staff meeting we talked about how all of you couples were at training. And wild to see Jamey and Meredith in a pic with you too. Ive done camp with them and just think they are GREAT! I bet those three boys were pretty crazy together! :)

Garima Pal said...