Thursday, November 20, 2008

MTI is flyin by

Our 2 weeks at MTI (missions training international) is going so fast. We have really enjoyed the teaching and are so glad this was a prerequisite on our journey to Slovenia.

We have had the privilege to attend this language program with some friends who are also going to Slovenia with Josiah Venture this next year.

The couple on the left is Hondo and Trish Wynn with their little boy Caleb. We kinda know them from our time at Multnomah but are enjoying getting to know them a lot better here.

The middle fam is Brad and Laurel Jenkins with their little dude Landon. Sharon and Laurel also know each other really well from Multnomah and have been friends for years. I knew Brad a little bit because he was a cool upper class-man but he didn't want to associate with low life's like me.

Both couples are super cool and I am having a great time getting to know them a lot better. Needless to say we are also stoked to go to the field and serve with quality folks like them. God is good.


Lori Jackson said...

Can I just say how it thrills me to the core to see all of you there together and that you are all in the process of joining us here. The day draws nearer as you "jump" through all these hoops! So grateful for what God has done to add you to our team.

christinastanton said...

YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! I love that you are all there at the same time.