Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And speaking of Bob & Anita . . .

. . . we moved over the weekend to our new home: we are now living with Bob & Anita Bailey in Gresham so we'll be a lot closer to so many of the people we know in the Portland area. Bob and Anita led the summer team over to Lithuania in '07 to help us kick off the new school year in Kaunas. Even though they're not family, living here kinda feels like living with an aunt and uncle :-)
We had been living with my sister Lynn in Wilsonville. She graciously opened up her home to us when we first moved back to the States in June. We really couldn't have asked for a better roomie - in fact in more ways than I can record here, I think the Lord knew that I needed a good dose of "sister time" as I adjusted back to life in the States. For those of you who know Lynn, you know what I mean. For those of you who don't know Lynn, it is uncanny just how much she and Matt are alike! :-) You'd better come visit me sis!
This is Lynn and me lookin' pretty cool in the hooptie that Matt and I borrowed from a friend when we were first back in the States. In fact, I think this was taken on our ride back from the airport.


Amy Woodard said...

Hey guys! So fun that you're in the Bailey's home. Anita's going to love having a little one around and you'll have live-in baby sitters! It's a win-win!! : )

Ames said...

How exciting... I'm glad you are back in Gresham... Coffee ? Hope all is well... Have a great week..