Monday, September 07, 2009

SLO chicks BBQ

On Thursday Sharon and I got a call from Christina Stanton, who was a missionary in Slovenia and an old friend from Multnomah Bible College. She wanted to know if we wanted to drive down to Salem to hang out with her, Anna Stepanian, Anna's friend David, and 3 Slovene girls who are in town. They (Barbera, Palona, and Mija) are some girls that Christina got to mentor while in SLO and will probably be in the university ministry we'll be starting soon. They were going to cook a traditional dinner so we didn't have to think very long about accepting their invitation.

It was a fun evening of hanging out while catching up with old friends and getting to know 3 new friends. Dinner was (of course) amazing as they prepared chivap, which in its essence is a blend of tastiness concealed in a sausage like treat. During dinner we got to hear how each of the girls got to know Jesus. It was powerful to listen to them talk about meeting someone who followed Jesus and how they just knew that person was different and experienced God's love through them. It got Sharon and me all excited and longing for the day when we will be over there in SLO pointing to Christ and loving those we come in contact with.


Tanja said...

Awesome!! I am sooooo glad you guys had the opportunity to hang out!!
Can`t wait till you move here.
Matt you promise to work on is it going?
Hope you are having a great time.


christinastanton said...


Lori Jackson said...

looks like you had a great time. So glad Sharon got to experience a little taste of Slovenia

steps said...

I got to hear Anna tell about this great evening - and now I get to see pictures! I'm so glad you were there! Thanks for posting :)

Josh and Kristi said...

Oh I love that you spent time with those girls! Can't wait for you to get here. Praying for you guys today! Kristi