Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soma School

I (Matt) was really hoping to get into a special training in May where I would spend a week with a church in Tacoma, WA. learning why they do what they do and experiencing how they do it first hand. By God's amazing grace, I'm going.

What's so special about this training you ask? Good question, glad you asked.

Soma Communities is a different form of church that is based on and in community. They move the primary emphasis from a typical Sunday service which tends to be "come and see" to a mid week small group "go and be" way to reach the neighborhoods they live in. These small groups (missional communities) also come together on the weekend for a service, but its not the main emphasis and they would even say that the church is really the small groups. So we'll learn how to form deep community on mission, which is something that I can't wait to inject into the DNA of the university ministry we will be starting in Slovenia.

Josiah Venture is also partnering with Soma in regards to church planting in Eastern Europe. They are helping J.V. to train national church planters. In fact Terry Jackson is flying over from SLO to the training with a Slovene couple (Andre & Nina) who are going to plant a church in Maribor, Slovenia. Can't wait to spend some quality time with them learning some killer stuff.

To learn more about Soma School click here. Its cool stuff, can't wait.

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Lovse family said...

Hey hey... this is us you are talking about.. how fun. I was about to write to you to see how we could meet you guys while we are in the States. Where are you living right now? Well, if not sooner we will see you at Soma School!