Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Post About "She's-Still-My-Baby" Maia

Just looked back at a few our last posts . . . and saw all the photos of Eliana.

I'm thinking that Maia needs a "brag time" too. So, here are some of my recent favorite photos:

She is almost walking.  
That sunk in earlier this week as I realized, my baby is almost a toddler! 
But every time I start feeling sad about "losing" my baby, 
I think about how her little personality unfolds with every passing week.  
I fall a little more in love with this spunky (almost) toddler every. single. day.
Just look at that face.
Who could resist?!

1 comment:

matt & cheryl said...

SOOOoooo cute!!!! both of them! how can you not just want to hug them every minute! :)