Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bible Study

The night before I went into the hospital for my c-section we had our last meeting with our Bible Read-Through group.
What better way to celebrate than with a BBQ?!

From the left: Alex, Me, Ana, Petra, Mana, Judita
(Please ignore my lopsided tummy :-)

After dinner we had them get out their reflection sheets. 
(Each week we all wrote down one thing that stood out to us, that we felt the Lord was putting on our hearts.

After looking over our reflection sheets we each wrote down on another piece of paper 2 - 5 things/themes/verses that impacted us the most.

Then we handed out these plants and gave them a piece of chalk.

We each wrote on the outside of our pot the theme or verse that had impacted us the most of all. . .

 . . . In chalk so that we could change what was written on the pot as the Lord keeps speaking to us through the Word.

And this particular plant for two reasons:

1. Transferable - It is so easy to snip off a stem or two and grow another plant.  If they want they can pass along a plant to anyone they do a read-through with in the future.

2. Hard to Kill - I am pretty picky about plants - they have to be hard to kill. . . . probably because I usually forget to water our plants.  He he.

This night was by far one of our most precious times in Slovenia so far!

(And again - please ignore my lopsided belly :-)

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