Monday, July 22, 2013

An update on two of my favorite guys!

Hmmm. . . I just went to check on our blog and noticed that the last two posts never published.  Not sure how that happened.  Anyhow, here is one that I wrote a while ago. . . Interesting because just yesterday I made another paper chain with the girls for Matt's time up at Križ.

How funny - my last blog entry was talking about the paper chain I made with the girls when Matt went on an intern recruiting trip several months back. . . funny because early this morning he left for the Ukraine and then will be heading to Poland and then the Czech Republic for the interns Amazing Race and then training.  I spent the afternoon with the girls making their paper chains for the 10 days he will be gone.

Click here to learn more about JV's summer intern program.  That's what Matt will helping with this next week and a half.  I was planning on going up to the Czech Republic with the kids (and bringing one of our college students as a babysitter) so that I could be a part of the training.  But two of our three kiddos are sick - and one of those two (Alex) is a mess.  So Matt and I decided it would be best for our kids to have some time at home, resting and getting some focused time from mom.  I'm bummed to miss out on this time with the interns, but I'm at peace with it because I know this is what our kids need right now.

And because every blog post should have a cute photo, I'll leave you with this shot of Matt and Alex a couple weeks ago (when Alex was feeling much better - trust me you wouldn't want to see his photos from today, pour little guy).

Aren't they both so handsome?!

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Anna Beth said...

Oh Sharon, Alex is adorable. What a little man, what a gift! I hope we get to meet him someday.