Saturday, September 30, 2006

Apartment Hunting in LT

Today is Thursday, our fourth day of apartment hunting. To be honest,
this week has been an emotional roller coaster ride. We have found
two of the four apartments that our team will need. One was perfect,
everything we were hoping for and more. But the more Matt and I talked
and prayed about it, the more we saw that the apartment was the answer
to Peter and Jen's prayers. So today as they are signing the papers
to the new apartment, and Kellie is settling in to the other
apartment, Matt and I are still praying that the Lord will provide a
home. . .hopefully soon. It feels like we are walking the fine line
between not wanting to seem like picky Americans to our Lithuanian
leader (who has taken a week out of her work schedule to help our team
hunt for apartments), and yet hoping to find a place that our hearts
can be at home. I wish we had taken pictures of the first few places
to give you some perspective of what our options have been like. ☺
We sure would appreciate your prayers as we continue the hunt. My
(Sharon) biggest challenge has been trying to hide my disappointment
over giving up the apartment we were going to have so that Peter and
Jen will feel free to enjoy their new home. It's amazing how
seemingly "little" things like apartment hunting can tap into the

So, I've given you one prayer request. Let me close with a few praises:
• Renata – we have been blessed with a wonderful Lithuanian Agape leader.
• We have had beautiful sunshine our whole time here in Kaunas.
• The two apartments we have so far are in the same complex so Peter
and Jen, and Kellie and Tiana will be close.

Today is Friday morning. . . we will be looking at 1 apartment today.
(It was going to be 2 but one just cancelled. . .unfortunately it was
the one on the street on which we were hoping to find a place.) The
song playing on ipod right now is "Blessed be your name." The chorus
is "You give and take away, blessed be your name." . . . hhmmmm.

We looked at one apartment yesterday. . .pretty small and cramped. It
is interesting that when the Lord allows us to go through hard times
it is His love that we are quick to doubt - at least that is where I
found myself yesterday. I ended up reading through some old entries
in my journal and ran across the one I entered on the day the Lord
confirmed to us that He wanted us here in LT. I wrote something about
the fact that He brought us here to share His love - and that this is
something we could only do if we knew how firmly rooted we are in His
love. . . and then it made sense why the first thing I'm struggling
with is doubting His love and goodness. Anyhow, all that to say that
the Lord is reminding me of how long and wide and high and deep is His
love and that He is preparing a place for us.

Thanks for all your prayers! We are so thankful for each and every one of you!!


Rakel said...

We keep holding you guys up!! God is an amazing God and we know that He has His right place for you somewhere there in Kaunas....above and beyond what you could imagine!! Love you!!

Alison said...

We'll be praying for you as well. It's encouraging to know that you are right where God wants you.

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing honestly. it let's us know how to pray specifically.i'm feeling with you..i remember hunting for flats and crying as i walked away from several of them (especially the second time we moved in LT & had a deadline)...but then God provided and I was surprised each time how quickly a place can become home once you move in and give it your personal touch...even with the rusty water, uncomfortable beds or freaky elevators :). the main thing that makes it home is when it fills with memories with the people who come into it. I will pray for a place that even has the little things you might think God doesn't think are important. I think He likes to surprise us with those types of a sauna or bay windows!:) LOVE YOU ~cheryl

Tiana said...

Dear friends,
Thanks for sharing honestly about the dissapointments. I know it can be easy to feel dissapointed lately. I hope as you wait that God would grant you each what you need. I have to say I was a little belated when Kellie said she has a dryer! :) Don't give up and know that God has the right place for you both.
Love and miss you.

christinastanton said...

Can I just tell you two that I know EXACTLY how you are feeling!! Anna and I JUST went through searching for an apartment in Europe and the emotional rollar coaster is HUGE!! Hold out for the apartment that makes you excited. Thats the one piece of advice I have. :) I sure miss you two. Thanks for keeping me updated.

Kristin said...

What an act of love to give up the one available apartment to Peter & Jen. I'm praying that you'll find one that will be an answer to your prayers -- God's provision for you and concrete assurance that He is the one who is going before you in pioneering this new ministry.