Friday, January 19, 2007

Planning Week and other stuff

Well we just finished a long week of planning and I must say, it went swimmingly. Though long and arduous days at times it was a great week. We planned our goals for the next semester and figured out how and where we will focus our time and energy.

I am really excited. We are going to start a dinner and discussion night at our apartment. It will be an informal dinner hang out time and then we will have some topic to discuss. It should be pretty relational and I'm am excited because we got to do a similar thing at our church back home the last 2 years. It will hopefully be a safe place where students can get a decent meal and enjoy some community. It will be open to anyone, and our hope is that the students we already know will invite their friends. From this then we can pursue deeper relationships with individual students. So that's just one of the great ideas our team has planned.

Other items on the docket are community "deed days" where we share God's love for the community in deeds. Kellie is going to be starting an English corner for students wanting to practice their language skills. We hope to be involved in an Easter celebration that some young people put on here in Kaunas. So please pray that God would use these avenues to meet the spiritual and physical needs of students in Kaunas.

Ok if you want something else to pray for cause you're one of those folks who loves to pray, here's one. As many of you know, Lithuania is supposed to be really cold during the winter. Students told us that it would stay around -10 C (which is about 14 F for you non metricites) and dip down to -20 C or more every now and then. So needless to say we were ready to get tough here in LT. But as luck would have it, this has been one of the warmest winters in like 200 years. The Lithuanians love it, but the Oregonians hate it. We want snow! Sure, we have had flurries here and there but no real accumulation for more than a day. And here is the kicker, we go to Malaga, Spain this next week for a Crusade Stinter Conference and it's supposed to snow here in LT while we're gone and it is going to be mid 50's and rain in Spain. And yes it has been mid 60's and sun the last week in Malaga. Oh well. We are still looking forward to the conference and hopefuly some snow in February.

Here is a shot of the one day we got a 1/2 inch and it melted later that day.

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Erin said...

I like your ideas, and the things you planned....maybe because I know how well that worked at home with all of us. Luv you guys!! It will be interesting to see what different discussions come from other perspectives