Monday, July 30, 2007

A Good Break

Sharon and I got back from a week of traveling Europe. We figured if we were ever going to see some of the continent we call home, the time is now. So we hopped on the bus with Peter and Jen and rode the 20 hours to Prague. It has been a dream of mine to make it to Prague one day for a few reasons. First, its supposedly the most beautiful city in Europe. Second, its probably the closest thing to my "mother land" since my grandma was Czech. Anyway, the city was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time. We then took the train to Vienna and ran around the city for 4 hours before we got on another train to Bratislava, Slovakia which is an hour away. Bratislava was quaint with a great old town filled of streets lined with cafes and restaurants. In all we had a great vacation and a time to have some fun away from the responsibilities of ministry.

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Melissa said...

aw... I just love you guys!