Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kickin it Korean Style

Well Sharon and I got back from CM2007 in South Korea last weekend. We went with 6 other Lithuanian staff and 8 students (top picture).

CM2007 was a Crusade conference where over 17,000 students and staff from 128 different countries came together to praise God and get excited about about sending people to the 6,000 still unreached college campuses around the world.

The conference was great and it was such an encouragement to be there and take part in event like no other I've seen. It was unbelievable to worship God with so many people from so many countries. I think it was a small picture of what is to come in heaven. On the opening night when they had a couple people from each of the nations come up on stage with their flag and we all started singing songs together I couldn't help but cry for 30 minutes in joy as we sang together. It was overwhelming and indescribably beautiful.

Sharon and I were also a part of the leadership training that took place in conjunction with the conference and so were really busy. The training for team leaders went well and we got to meet some cool people. We came back exited to lead and hopeful of what God will do this next year in Lithuania.

The picture of Sharon and the girls with the sweet dresses are her new Mauritian friends that she shared a dorm room with. They were some cool girls from the Island of Mauritius just east of Madagascar Africa.

The last picture is me having fun in Moscow during our 11 hour layover.


Erin said...

pretty sure that pic may be a bit inapropriate matt =) ejm

Jody from HK said...

happy to see your e-mail and sharing ^^