Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Campers

One of the things that we as a team strongly believe in, is that God wants to reach and change the world through local churches. That is why we not only want to tell students about Jesus here in LT but we also want to serve the church in ways that we can.

The guys on our team met with the leadership of our local church here in Kaunas 3 months ago to talk about ministry and to see how we could serve them better. One of the things they mentioned was helping them set up their summer camp. The Lithuanian Free Churches have held summer camps for the last 6 years and it has been a great program that unites and encourages all ages.

So last Friday 6 of us went to help construct the camp. The camp is a farmers field located in a beautiful area of Lithuania on a lake. When we got to the field we unloaded the huge moving truck and built a camp from the ground up. We dug the toilets and started pitching tents. We even set up a 40 foot high water tower for the kitchen and showers. We had a great time doing some physical labor as we worked, ate, and slept beside fellow church members.

We worked hard and played hard too. One thing we did later in the evening, since the sun sets after 10 and stays light till past 11, was play soccer. And well I (Matt) never have really played soccer outside of gym class as a kid, and lets just say I play soccer a lot like football. Not so much finesse and ball handling skills, just go for the ball and apologize if I run over anyone in the process. We had fun but I don't think they'll ask me to join the church team anytime soon.

I had a great time the last 5 days helping in setup.


JT said...

There is great power in the local church. Continue to serve in your gifted areas, and find ways to have fun when you aren't in those gifted areas (soccer).

Mamacimino said...

hey matt give me a call some time or tell me a good time and number to call you at.John Cimino

You guys are doing awesome!!