Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last D&D

Well we had our last Dinner and Discussion a couple weeks ago and well it was a great yet sad night. Only 4 students showed up because everyone is trying to get their papers and projects in. It was cool though because 3 of the 4 students that came were the ones we have had the deepest relationships with.

The team got to share what we have appreciated about each of them and they loved it. We also asked them things they would change to make D&D better. Next we asked if they had any questions about the gospel or Agape, which led to some good conversations. Lastly, we asked how we can be praying for them this summer. They appreciated the offer and asked us some questions about prayer and how/why we pray.

In all it was a good night as we reminisced about how we all met and some of the memories form this last semester. The sad part was that 2 of the students are graduating and probably won't be back next year.


Anonymous said...

seems intimate and like a family =) miss you so very much!!

-erin joy

Carrie~Margaret said...

Sweet! God is indeed planting seeds there! i'll remember to keep in prayer those two students that may not be back. :) i have y'all in my prayers each day!
God bless always!!