Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A speaking engagement

Peter and I had the opportunity last Friday to talk to the all the pastors of the Free Church denomination here in Lithuania. They asked us to come and talk about missions with them. So we talked shortly about what missions is and why its important, but we knew that these weren't the reasons churches don't get involved in missions. So Peter then led a time of discussion where the pastors talked about what they were currently doing in regards to misssions, what barriers are holding them back from doing missions, and what resources they have. It was a great discussion and it kept going after we left. The next day the pastors brainstormed practical ideas that they could do as next steps. We were thankful for the men God has called to lead churches in Lithuania and that He is calling them to spread the truth of the gospel and the love of God both here in Lithuania and to all the nations.

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cheryl said...

that's awesome!! i see you met arturas! I just got the picture of their new baby!!