Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pipe Dreams

Well, a little over a week ago, we came home from church to find a huge puddle of water in our apartment. Apparently while we were gone a pipe in the wall between our bathroom and utility closet broke and leaked a lot of water into our place. Luckily, a guy who lives under us on the first floor (we live on the third) saw water dripping in his living room and turned off the water for the building. So after figuring out the problem and shutting off the water for just our apartment for a few days, we got a plumber to come take a look at it. He told us that it would be a month before he could come fix it. He did come back the next day to disconnect all the plumbing in our apartment except one spigot so that we have some water though. Well after a day of planning Sharon and I headed to the LT version of Home Depot and rigged up a system so that we have a hose from the spigot that can reach the kitchen sink so we can do dishes, the washing machine when its time for wash, and the shower for personal hygiene time. Though I must admit that its a bit cold since there is no hot water hooked up. My new theme song for shower time is "take my breath away" for all you Top Gun fans.
In all its a fun adventure, and I must give Kudos to my cousin Jaime and her boyfriend Jeff who just came to visit for a few days and especially to Jeff who was brave enough to take a shower.

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