Wednesday, September 05, 2007

summer team fun

A team of 6 from Portland OR arrived on 8/26 and has been helping us kickoff the new school year. Its been great to have friends here to show them what our lives and ministry look like in Lithuania. We have had a great time hanging out and doing ministry together. The last few days have been amazing as we have been in the dorms asking students questions to find out if they want to talk about spiritual things. We have also been inviting them to events we have planned each night this week. It has been amazing to see guys show up to the events. On Monday we had 18 guys come. On Tuesday 20 guys come and Tonight (Wednesday) we had 10 guys and girls show. Just so you know, this has never evenly remotely happened here in Kaunas. So,it has truly been an exciting week, one which I will write more about later. Thanks for your prayers.

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