Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Many of you know that last month we had some water issues in our apartment. (If you didn't know, go back to the Aug. 22 post). Well, when the initial flood happened we didn't know it, but it did a bit of a number to the hardwood floors in our living room. Luckily they weren't in stellar shape to begin with, but ever since that day some lumps have been growing in our family room due to the wood getting wet and expanding. One of them in particular has continued to grow to a height of almost 2 and a half inches. It has gotten so big that we decided to give him a name since he has proved himself a force to be reckoned with (quite a tripping hazard). So, one day during a meeting Jen called him Benji and it stuck. You see Benji has become a speed bump of sorts in the middle of our apartment and thus an honorary member of our team. Though quite an annoyance at first, we have come to love and marvel at Benji. And since I am a cup half full kinda guy, I figured that if we need a little extra money here and there we can just charge some skateboarders admission to our living room cause our floor is starting to look a bit like a skate park. Life is fun.

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Anonymous said...

benji... ha ha.... I watched those ridicuous shows my mom thought they were nice wholesome movies

Erin joy