Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Idomu (E-doe-moo) is the Lithuanian word for interesting and one must stroke their chin in a pondering sort of way when it is said. Anyway, here is a story I was reflecting on the other day and found to be just that.... interesting.

The first day we did surveys at Kaunas Tech when the summer team was here was frustrating. This is because there were four of us who tried to get into one of the dormatories but the lady who is in charge of letting people in did not want us going into her dorm. It should be noted here that for the first time ever we had the proper documentation and official permission needed to get into the dorms. It should also be noted that the office of the administrator, who is in charge of all the dorms, was located across the hall from this lady and they had told us we could go in. So if there were ever a time that we should have been able to go into that dorm and talk to students, this should have been it. But she still refused to let us in even after talking to her boss who said it was ok.

The four of us in my group went to another dorm builiding on the other side of campus and we had no problems getting into that one, in fact the lady who lets people in was happy to have us. The four of us split up into two teams and started knocking on doors, handing out welcome back gift bags, and talking to students. It was a great day and we had some amazing conversations.

The next day we went back to finish that dorm. Sharon and Pat got to talk to a room full of Freshman guys. One of the guys seemed irritated by any questions about God and shared his frustration and doubts openly. They had a great conversation about life though and told the guys they needed to meet Jason. The guys came to the bowling and billiards event that night and they got to hear Jason's story of when he tried to commit suicide and found God in a miraculous way. They were all full of awe, doubt, and questions but that one student in particular found a friend in Jason. Since then he has come to every event we have had and Jason and myself have become good friends with him.

Looking back on that first day doing surveys and getting shut out of the one dorm and going to the other was quite Idomu don't you think? We might not have gone to that dorm if not.

God had other things planned. I love it when He does that!

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