Saturday, January 12, 2008

B dayz

This last week was also a week of birthdays for our team. Jason's was on Monday and Tiana's on Thursday. For Jason's big day we went bowling, got some pizza, and then took our vintage sweet car (84 civic) to a parking lot where we could "play" in the snow and ice. We took turns driving and drifting as we raced and slid around the old parking lot. It was fun.

For Tiana's big day we met for pizza with our team and some of Tiana'a Lithuanian friends and then had some tasty chocolate cake at the girls place. In all is was a very celebratory week.

Glad we got such a cool team!!!

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Mery said...

hi,dear friend. I havn't logged in the blog for many days. Sorry to reply your comments late.
I see smile faces in your blog, so happy are you:)
I will read your blog frequently.
Have funny everyday.