Thursday, January 24, 2008

Praise God for Kickers!!

Sharon and I just got back from vacation to Rome. It was amazing to get away with my wife, to rest, and to think. The funny thing, is that we weren't planning a vacation this year but our Crusade mentors encouraged us to take one when they came to visit us at the end of November. So we started thinking and both agreed that Rome would be the highest on our list of places to go in Europe. We found some great tickets on a low fair airline and decided to get away. We were planning on using money from our savings back home to finance the endeavor but then got word of how much our kicker check from last year's taxes was and realized the cost would be much more affordable. So we had a great time thanks to the great state of Oregon; that is for taking too much taxes and giving some back!

Some highlights were obviously the food, history, and art. I personally loved visiting the Vatican and especially the Sistine Chapel. Sharon was quite fond of the Colosseum. We both however are not fond of sleeping in the Frankfurt Hahn airport, but it was an experience.

We took a lot of shots we took along the way. Click on the photo below to see a few.

Rome if you want to


Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys!

Rakel said...

Check out my second blog!! Address on my regular the right.

Ligaya Peterson said...

Hi Mormances! Glad to see you're doing well! :)

Krista said...

I'm glad to hear you vacationed! Looks like it was a lot of fun. We just got back from a family vacation in Thailand after the mid-year. It was a great week and reminded us how important rests are. Sharon- let's talk soon! -K