Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Makin' it happin cap'in"

Agape Night was sweet tonight! We had 15 students (11 of which were new). I won't go into details about the crazy stories and circumstances that brought 11 new people here on one night, but just that God did some sweet stuff to get them here.

The night started at 7 as we enjoyed a tasty dinner of spaghetti that Kellie whipped up. (One student commented that it was her first time ever eating spaghetti and she loved it.)

Tiana led the discussion tonight. She talked about love and how we need to be loved in different ways (love languages), and then she closed with talking about how God showed us His love by sending Jesus. She did a great job and we are really proud of her!

After discussion we usually hang out and have tea with the students who want to stay. Tonight God had other plans. As we were getting the tea ready, one of the students asked Jason about his story. This opened the door for Jason to share the story of his spiritual journey with the whole group. (If you haven't heard his story, you should ask him sometime - it's amazing!) What he shared opened the door for students to ask some deep life questions. Many of the students stayed until well after midnight. . .

. . .It's 1:30 right now, we just got done cleaning the apartment. It's time for bed. :-)


Marc Peter said...

That is indeed exciting news. :) Thanks for sharing.

evidentemente yo said...

Wow, great news from Kaunas!!!!:)

We had a worship room in my city, you can check the pictures, in my youth group Blog:)


Amy Guerino said...

You two have not been forgotten and have been in our prayers. I'm always equally amazed at how God works when we trust Him to and how He lets us partner with Him by setting the stage with a commitment of some kind, like your consistent Agape Night. So, is tea the preferred beverage? That is my kind of country! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Yup - Lithuanians LOVE tea! I think you would like it here. ;-)

Matt Guerino said...

Amy just challenged me to cribbage the other night, and I commented that we need to find another couple we can foist the game upon so we can play doubles!

I'm also meeting with Harvest's first-ever Sudan team, which will depart in April. Both things made me think of you guys, so I'm glad Amy found your blog!

God bless

- G