Friday, February 15, 2008


Last night I (Matt) led our first Agape night of the new semester. Being that it was the night before Valentine's Day I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss the issue of love and sex (sekso in Lithuanian).

I asked some thought provoking questions to try to get people talking:
- How much do Lithuanians talk about sex?
- Why is sex so powerful for women? for men?
- What's the biggest lie students are told about sex?
- How can sex help or hurt people?

Once students started feeling more comfortable discussing this topic, I asked them this, "What is God's view of sex?"

I went on to show them what the the Bible says about sex - (which is very different than what many students assume the church teaches.) I handed a Lithuanian Bible to the guy sitting next to me and had him read Song of Solomon 7:7-9. By the nervous giggles I got in response, I could tell there was some surprise that this passage is in the Bible. I wanted them to understand that God created sex and intended that we enjoy it, in marriage of course.

"Sex is a glimpse of heaven," I continued, amused at the quizzical looks I was getting in return. By that I meant that the most intimate thing two humans can experience on earth is just a taste of the soulish type intimacy that followers of Jesus will experience one day with our Lord. That is why Jesus states that there will be no marriage or sex in heaven (Mt 22:30). In heaven we won't need these metaphors God gives us on earth that point to Him.

Even in our desire for sex, our souls are ultimately longing for God.

I could tell this was a new concept to many present. Hopefully it will open new doors to discussions with our students.

Click on the post title "sekso" above for a link to a great article on this topic that I found by Philip Yancey while I was preparing.


James said...

You might have used the stuff Here

James said...

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Matt & Sharon Mormance said...

Hi James,
Thanks for the link - looking forward to reading it!