Saturday, April 19, 2008

Honda Havoc

Yesterday Sharon and I had a full day, the plan was to drive to Vilnius at 8:00 for a doctor appointment at 10:00 and then back to Kaunas to get ready for a evangelism training time at 2:00.
Everything went fairly well until we got in our little classic 84 Honda Civic we call "Rusty" to head back home. Sharon turned the key to start our dream ride and to our surprise nothing happened. Now you need to know a few things at this point, the first is that today was an important day in our ministry here in LT because we were going to train another Christian group in how to share their faith in a new way. We had been planning this for a long time and I Matt was leading the training. Secondly, though our car cost 275 dollars and has run a little rough it has been fairly reliable. Ok back to the story, as soon as we realized we had a problem I started doing the limited things I knew to do. I started to pray and told our team to pray. Then I began troubleshooting and realized since the car didn't have a dead battery it had to be a starter issue. So I went to pop the hood to start meddling around in the engine and found that the hood wouldn't open. For some odd reason the mechanism to release the hood wouldn't work and the crazy thing is that it worked before we left earlier that morning when I checked the oil. So, to make this story a little shorter, after some stress and more prayer the car started for no apparent physical reason. We got back home with 5 minutes to spare and headed to the training time which went really well. God is good.

Here are a few pictures of our training time...

And one of Rusty (which was formerly owned by Peter and Jen Hibbs)

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Anna said...

Ha. Stuff like this is always happening around here during camp season...isn't that WEIRD.