Friday, April 11, 2008

Insecurity and me

On Wednesday it was Jason's turn to lead Agape night and he selected the topic of insecurity knowing it would make for some important discussion.

To start out you should know that usually there are anywhere from 10-18 people on a regular Agape night but on Wednesday we had 26 people packed into our living room. That by itself is enough to make anyone leading a bit insecure let alone the topic Jason was trying to breach. But, he did a great job. He asked great questions and facilitated some very sensitive discussion. He also poured out his heart to this group in relation to all the things he is insecure about and all the experiences from his childhood that made him this way.

One of his main assertions was that insecurity is ultimately a trust issue at its core. He concluded that since he has learned to really trust God, that relationship has given him the freedom to trust others and move forward in being more secure in who he is.

Then to top off an already moving evening, Jason decided to be even more vulnerable and do the unthinkable in regards to his own insecurity. He decided to perform deaf karaoke* for his first time ever in front of our agape night crowd. It was moving knowing how much it cost him to do something of that trust magnitude. In fact Kellie cried as she watched her cousin step out and face some insecurities head on.

*Deaf Karaoke is a game where you pick a song on your ipod and then turn it up as loud as it will go and start singing. Here's the catch, you can't hear yourself because it's so loud therefore you are way off key. You are also the only one who can hear the music and everyone else can only hear you as you massacre your favorite tune. It makes for some great laughs for everyone but it is hard to muster up the courage to perform.

Jason gettin after it

Kellie gettin misty

I got in on the deaf karaoke fun too!


TeamHibbs said...

ahh man, i so wish we could've been there :) way to go jason! so i have to ask....what song did he sing?

Matt Guerino said...

No fair - Jason had to do something that made him feel insecure, whereas for you it was as natural as breathing!

Marc Peter said...

That's really cool! Thanks for posting. I'm proud of Jason (please tell him so if he doesn't see this comment for himself). :)

evidentemente yo said...

Hahahaha... i wish i was there too... i miss the agape nights!!!:)

Anonymous said...

there are so many new faces! I enjoy reading what's going on!

Erin joy