Sunday, June 08, 2008

June 7, 2008

What a wonderful day filled with so many fun memories! Matt started off my birthday by making me breakfast and later taking me out to a nice dinner in the evening. But the VERY BEST part of my day was when he gave me my gift:

A book filled with special notes from so many of YOU!

Words can not fully express how much this meant to me! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, encouraging words, and so many fun memories!


Melissa said...

oh dear friend! I love you!!!!!!

Nessie said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon! It seems there have been quite a few birthdays this month already of people I know...including my own two kids. Aloria turns two on the 21st and I'm due with my second (a boy) in 7 days.
Molly Stickler (used to be you remember her; she was my RA) just had her first little boy on the 2nd. Yeah for birthdays!
That was a really sweet gift of Matt to give. I always liked him, and am so happy to hear that he treats you so well!!!

Andrea's Adventures said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so happy to hear that you enjoyed your special birthday book. Looking forward to your arrival!

Mark, Shelley, Payton, Grant & Claire

Amy Guerino said...

Happy Birthday, Darling Sharon!

I didn't get the opportunity to add to your book. :(

You have a sincere heart for people and a genuine passion for God's glory to shine through you. The times we have spent together have blessed my socks off! I hope we get the chance to do tea sometime soon. You are loved and you are missed.