Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yard sale

The last few days we have been trying to sell/give away stuff to friends from our ministry and church. I guess it gives people some solace when missionaries leave because they get rid of stuff for dirt cheap. Seriously, its been fun to bless students who don't have much with things they could use.

One week from today we will be in Portland. But there are still some important things to be done besides packing. We have an important meeting on Friday about continuing the ministry here in Kaunas. A couple of students(Kristina & Edgaras), love what Agape is doing and are interested in carrying on the work here. They will meet with the national leadership on Friday to work out some details.

** Please Pray **
That we can encourage and hand off the ministry well, and that God will empower these students in and amazing way.

This is Kristina, she has been a huge encouragement to us the last 6 months and a big part of the ministry here.

This is Edgaras a great guy we have gotten to know and appreciate. Quick story about him. A few weeks ago he got me to eat raw pork at a BBQ we were having. He told me that it was safe and all Lithuania's do it, and was serious. He ate a huge chunk while I could only choke down a small piece. Oh well.


evidentemente yo said...

Mmm... nearly leaving Europe and you haven't visited the best part(Basque Country of course)!!!

Evidently you will have to come back!!!;)

Matt Guerino said...

OK I'm out of touch: what was/is your decision re: the future? Zip me an e-mail if y'all get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Matt - haven't your parents talked to you about this before . . . just because somebody else does something doesn't mean you have to try it :)

Well I guess at least we can save on propane if we have you guys over for a BBQ!

Looking forward to Tuesday! Brenda