Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back in Blogging Land

It's hard to believe we've been home a little over two months already! The time has flown by.

I (Sharon) had the opportunity to work at Multnomah for two months - filling in for the lady who took my former position there while she was away on maternity leave. What a blessing it was to spend time with my friends at Multnomah again. Seeing all the students arrive there last week made me anxious to get back into working with college students again! Our initial plan was to try to get back over to Europe in January or February . . . but we've needed to rearrange our plans a bit
. . . because we found out we are expecting a new little Mormance!! To make a long story short, this is an answer to many years of prayer! Each day the Lord gives us with this little one is a gift to us. We pray that He will allow us to carry this child to term and have a healthy baby.

Now we are planning on going back over to Europe next summer, hopefully in July. This brings me to our second piece of good news: we found out that we have been officially accepted to Josiah Venture so we can begin building a ministry partner base. We are so excited to join the work that the Lord is doing in the country of Slovenia! And we are excited to join our friends who are already living and serving there!

This is photo of us at the Josiah Venture spring conference held in Czech a few months ago:

(We are in the top right corner.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the news of the little addition. what an exiting time. I hope all is well. god bless.

Tom Simpson

Dani said...

Yeah Matt and Sharon! I am so excited about the new little one. We will be praying that he or she gets to meet you face to face!

We love getting to keep up with you guys via the blog, glad you're back in blogging land.

We are doing well, about to head back to North Africa for the second time in November and enjoying our two little guys.

You're in our prayers,
Joey & Dani Easley

Ashmens said...

Congratulations! We are always encouraged to hear of the good things God is doing in your lives. How exciting! Perhaps we'll catch you down in Slovenia some day ~Krista

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

WOW!!! I am SO THRILLED TO HEAR YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!! It makes me so happy! After celebrating our baby's one year birthday I think everyone needs to have kids... they are a blessing! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you, Sharon! I am thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! We share your excitement and will pray for your little one's healthy development and arrival!

Soundguyi said...

Sharon & Matt, I am truly happy for you guys... for the gift of children... for the delightful parents you will be... for the joy-filled grace of a God who really loves well. (And for the idea that we may well be "neighbors" in a year or two!)