Friday, September 19, 2008

Check This Out

I recently read an article in Christianity Today describing a new way to share the Christian faith . . . similar to the idea of the Four Laws, only this new method focus on new life in Christ AND kingdom living. Not long after I read the article a friend sent me a link to a video presentation of this method. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The Big Story


colin mattoon said...

yeah it is interesting. i just bought the book actually, to read choung's presentation of the method in extended form. I'll let you know whether its worth buying.

Tiana said...

Hey Sharon and Matt, I watched the presentation. I felt it was a different side of how to present the gospel with a lot of thought into how the world needs redeeming, both the physical earth and people. I have to say it was hard to understand how he got to the question at the end of his presentation where he asked which circle you are in. It just didn't seem to flow to me. I like that he drew pictures and related them to each other in a clear way. One aspect that I think is just really important is that of how Jesus brings us into this new life and it seemed like that just wasn't an important thought in his presentation.
Those are just some of my thoughts. I've been thinking about it for a few days. Kind of reminds me of sharing the gospel using the soularium photos and some photos emphasized different yet real aspects of the gospel in our lives.

Matt Guerino said...

My take: I love the concept, but the details could use some work.

What I love: his whole purpose seems to be taking a stab at expressing the mission of Jesus in the context of a Christian view of the whole world, not just in terms of "personal salvation" which seems self-focused and doesn't take into account real problems in the real world. This general thrust is one of the reasons I value Biblical Worldview thinking so highly: it's far more comprehensive than just "me and God," and so is the Bible.

I do think some details need work, though he wrote on the site that the presentation was "rushed" so maybe its better in his book. Tiana hit the main one: HOW does Jesus' coming fix the world's problems? He said "Jesus came to show us a better way to live," which made me cringe a bit: um, no, he didn't. He came to die in order to kill death itself. He came to show us we CAN'T live better apart from him. He came to reverse the Genesis 3 Curse by eradicating it's source: human sin and rebellion. The way he put it made Jesus sound like any number of religious leaders who try to "show us a better way to live," which makes Christianity lose its distinctiveness especially in the ears of contemporary, postmodern-influenced, all-religions-are-essentially-the-same people.

So I like the scope of his presentation - I've done the same thing in a chart I use to teach a Biblical worldview to Christians. But the significance of Jesus' death & resurrection, plus the transition into what that means to the hearer could be better developed IMO.