Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ceremonies abound

This last weekend Sharon, Eliana, and I got to be a part of some very cool events....

First, was Jason and Julie's wedding.
We had the pleasure of serving with Jason in Lithuania for 2 years and got to know, love, and appreciate him very much. We've also known, loved, and respected Julie for a number of years. But we always knew them separately and from different circles. It all changed when Julie came over on a short term summer team to Lithuania and met Jason. Their story began a year and a half ago and it has been so fun to watch it develop to this day.
This couple is very special to us because Sharon has been a mentor to Julie over the last 4 years while I have had the pleasure of being a mentor to Jason. We had a blast as we did their premarital counseling over the last few months and I also had the honor of marrying them on Saturday. It is so cool to see God bring such a amazing people together and create such a solid couple.

Second, Sharon and I had the privilege of dedicating our little girl to the Lord. We got to stand in front of our church on Sunday and give our word that we would try and raise her in a way that would please God and encourage her in the faith. We feel so blessed to have her and can't wait to see how God uses her to impact not only our lives but her world too. She's gonna be a sweet MK (missionary kid) who will rock it up in Slovenia!


Josh and Kristi said...

She's so little! And adorable! Oh and Sharon, way to go getting your figure back! You look great! Looking forward to your FAMILY getting over here soon.

Gloria Forjan said...

Hey Sharon, I was so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your e-mail and YES I look forard to meeting you as well and letting our kids play together :) You all look great on you new photos. Hope you ar settling well into your new stage of life- family! God bless, Gloria