Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tonight while cooking dinner I heard a loud thud on one of the many large windows here at the Bailey house. My first thought was, "its kinda late for birds." To my surprise upon investigating, I found a small owl laying on the deck. I told Bob and he came up and picked it up right away. Luckily the little guy, which Bob identified as the Northern Pygmy Owl, was pretty dazed but still breathing. We got to watch him come to his senses and after 10 minutes take off into the night.


Josh and Kristi said...

I just love being able to click on and see what's up with you guys. Looking forward to a friendship that's not over the internet though in the near future! And I think it's funny and fun that Bob knew what sort of "bird" hit the window!

Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

Good to see a pic of D. Bob and your adorable Eliana! Wish Josh and I could come hang out for the evening. If only we weren't one state away, ha!

FE_MAN said...

Poor little owl, probably just didn't give a hoot anymore.