Thursday, July 23, 2009

A first time for everything

I arrived on Wednesday to Slovenia for the first time.

My first couple hours were spent sitting outside the airport at a cafe waiting for my ride to finish up his language class so he could swing by and pick me up. It was good, it gave me some time to sit and observe. I got to meet some college age Slovenes who were also waiting. They were cool, we chatted for awhile and then they offered to buy me a beer to welcome me. Though I declined (I arrived at 11:00 am) their hospitality impressed me.

Sharon and I have been thinking and dreaming about this place for a while as we have pushed forward on doing all it takes to get here. Though this stay will only be for a few weeks and not a few years, I am still very excited to finally see my future home. And oddly enough it feels a bit like home. That fact that we have already lived in Central/Eastern Europe for a few years previously gives Slovenia an air of familiarity and love. I look around and see the great potential for God to do some amazing things in this country. I also see the hard work and prayer coupled with the heartbreak and frustration that is often the precursor to such vitality.

I can't wait.

PS - I want to thank my wife for having a big enough vision to stay at home and take care of our little girl on her own for almost 3 weeks. I love you Sharon!!!


Laura Jean said...

praying for you, (and your girls!) during this first trip- have a great time & can't wait to hear later how it goes!

Lori Jackson said...

So glad you are there!